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Eurotrack 2004
Fleming Park Leisure Center,
Eastleigh, Hampshire (UK)
February 28th/29th, 2004
Special Report - Second Part

Click on pictures to enlarge. Text in italic is extracted from the Exhibition Guide 2004.
[OO] - Canalside
"Canalside" by Andrew Jones. " Canalside is a continuous run layout with a simple track plan that was designed to emphasise the scenic aspects and present a realistic setting. The main scenic feature is a canal, on three levels, linked by two sets of lock gates. The canal follows the railway along much of its length and has a dock area underneath the railway viaduct. "

Left:"The Weatherman" Tom Rayer from Bournemouth. " Tom demonstrates subtle weathering techniques in N & HO scales. "
Right: Saturday evening meal for the exhibitors.

Special Hungarian Section
N gauge railcar made by Iván István from Baross Gábor of Veszprém, Hungary
TT (1:120) railcar made by Tamás Letenyei Baross Gábor of Veszprém, Hungary.
Left: Hungarian coach made by András Domonkos, MÁVOE 3 Club Szeged, Hungary and given as a gift to SMRG’85. Right: Tram scratchbuilt by András Domonkos, MÁVOE 3 Club Szeged, Hungary.
Tapestry gift to SMRG by Iván István from the club Baross Gábor of Veszprém, Hungary.
Calender gift to SMRG with photographs by Tamás Letenyei, Baross Gábor of Veszprém, Hungary.

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