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Frederic Delaitre's Unofficial Web Page to
EUROTRACK '99 Exhibition

February 27th / 28th, 1999, Southampton Civic Centre
Southampton, Hampshire, England.

Organized by the SMRG - Solent Model Railway Group
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For all enquiries concerning Eurotrack '2000 show, please e-mail directly to:
Ian How, Exhibition Manager


  • Eurotrack '99 Issue
  • List of Exhibitors
  • Picture Gallery

    Eurotrack '99 Issue:
    EUROTRACK’99 will be the 24th annual February exhibition and the 12th EUROTRACK show held by the Solent Model Railway Group. After many years in the Solent Suite of the Guildhall with about 10 layouts and two to three traders, we moved upstairs to the main hall of the Guildhall in 1988. In 1995 we used both halls, making it the largest model railway exhibition in Southampton.

    Our EUROTRACK exhibitions always have a continental flavour, due to the large number of exhibitors who come to the show from abroad. Typically displays and demonstrations come from the following countries: Belgium, France and Hungary. But we usually have representation from at least one of the other countries where there are EUROTRACK clubs or associates such as Austria, Germany, Italy or The Netherlands.

    This year, clubs from France and Hungary attended the show.

    Southampton Civic Centre

    List of exhibitors
    The following layouts could be seen at the show:

    Click on the link in Layout name to read description

    NActon MainlineNSE (WR)1989/90
    Dizzy Heights RailroadNorth American
    GuisboroughBR (NE) 1950-65
    St DenysNSE (SR) 1990’s
    TTWest HarptreeGWR 1920-30
    Eagle VermontUSA New-England Vermont 1960’s
    Fontaine-BeaucourtSNCF 1980s
    Liège EngelsquaiSNCB
    PortolegnoFS 1998
    OO9Upper-ShambleNarrow Gauge
    OOEast Lear DepotModern Image
    HorsendenDistrict Railway
    Pen-Y-BwnGWR / BR (WR) 1945-55
    EMElm ParkBR (SR) 1965-70
    Sn2West Purbeck Tramway [Participation cancelled]Narrow Gauge (Dorset) 1930s
    SCushman OregonUSA Pacific Coast
    O-16.5Castell Del MonteSpanish Narrow Gauge
    OElmwell Village DepotGER / LNER / BR 1900-1950 (4 scenes)
    G / LGBSouthdown Railway CoLive steam narrow gauge (about 7.5m x 5m)

    Dioramas included "Waiting for the Lifting Bridge" by Frank Saunders. The small diorama won a prize in an International competition and was on display at the Railway Museum in Treignes (Chemin de Fer à Vapeur des 3 Vallées), Belgium.

    Waiting for the lifting bridge...

    Le Réseau Breton at Eurotrack '99

    Gordon and Maggie Gravett have released their new book on the Réseau Breton at the exhibition. They have been also demonstrating progress on their growing collection of rolling stock and buildings on this railway all scratchbuilt to 1:50 scale.

    Maggie Gravett taking a few seconds of rest while engraving a wall on a typical Brittany granite house. Note the typical RB station building on the right.

    Chateaulin freight depot in 1964 (Photo by J. Bazin)

    Webmaster note: The Réseau Breton was the largest meter gauge railway network in France, extending over three Départements of Brittany: Finistère, Cotes du Nord and Ille et Villaine. The whole system closed in 1967, with the exceptions of two lines converted to standard gauge. -FD

    As in previous years, there was a wide selection of European Railway Societies including:
  • Austrian Railways Group
  • Friends of the Hungarian Railways Group
  • Italian Railway Society
  • Netherlands Railways Society
  • Portuguese Railways Group
  • Scandinavian Railway Society
  • Swiss Railway Society
  • The German Railway Society
  • The SNCF Society
  • The British Overseas Railways Historical Trust (for the first time at EUROTRACK show)

    The above Societies have offered to provide some form of modelling demonstrations and dioramas. There was also a stand from The British 1:87 Scale Society.

    Demonstrators have presented a variety of gauges and modelling aspects, including scenic modelling, modelling
    2mm, 4mm, 7mm and 16mm narrow gauge.

    The following traders have participated to the show:

    Berl RiderSecond hand American & European rolling stock
    BH EnterprisesN Gauge specialist
    C&G ModelsKits specialist 4mm to 7mm
    Cheltenham Model CentreGeneral purpose trader
    Dart CastingsWhitemetal accessories
    Fourtrack ModelsKits + ass. items.
    Garden Railway SpecialistsGarden railway items
    Green SceneScenic specialist
    J&N TradingContinental souvenirs, translation lists and 73C videos.
    Kevin RobinsonGeneral books + videos
    LSWR ModelsUSA models etc..
    Oakwood Press
    Oakwood Video Library
    Specialist railway books. (Hopes to launch Gordon &
    Maggie Gravett’s book on Le Réseau Breton at exhibition).
    Patrick DelalandreSecond hand rolling stock (from France)
    Patronics2mm & 4mm Signals
    R.G. Panes - SparesSpare parts for RTR stock
    Phoenix Precision PaintsAuthentic Railway Colour enamels
    Southampton Model CentreGeneral purpose trader
    Swiss Book ServiceEuropean books and videos
    Target Technical Systems Ltd.Display cases
    Tools are usTools and electrical items
    Video PromotionsVideos
    Western Models (Studley)Continental and American second-hand
    WincoContinental models

    This year again I was hired for stewarding at the entrance
    and reported to the Chief Steward: SMRG Associate Member John Smith.
    (For our visitors, I was the man with an awful french accent who was
    trying to sell them the Exhibition Guide on the doorstep).

    Eurotrack '99, Guildhall section.

    Picture Gallery:

    Elmwell Depot: "A layout for all seasons".

    A backstage view of Elmwell Depot.

    Eurotrack '99 seemed to be dedicated to rotating layouts.
    Here is Dizzy Height Railroad in action.

    "Mixed train daily" on the Castell del Monte narrow gauge layout.

    Renault style railcar on Castell del Monte.

    Saint Denys, a Southampton suburban station with an
    EMU bound for Southampton Central on the "down" platform.

    Upper Shamble and its intricate 3-rail design (OO + 009).

    TT scale on West Harptree.

    American atmosphere on "Cushman Oregon" S-scale layout.

    Garden railway on the Southdown Railway
    with strange tank wagons...

    As every year, Andres Demonkos from the Szeged Model Railway Club
    came all the way froim Hungary by train with all these models.

    Social Event in Woolston:
    As usual, a dinner took place in Woolston with all the exhibitors, societies, clubs and SMRG members. In all 100+ guests fed with the traditional Gulasch and Chicken Curry, with this year a French Cotes du Rhone !

    My ticket for the evening meal.

    SMRG Chairman is presented with this rail chair
    offered by the French AMHA Club from Le Havre. On the right is Ghislaine Shelley from Fourtrack Models, responsible for english- french, french-english (and sometimes french to french :-) translation.
    (Photo by Ian How, Exhibition Manager).

    The Hungarian delegation from Szeged.
    (Photo by Ian How, Exhibition Manager).

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