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Expométrique '99
seen from backstage

Affiche Expometrique '99

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Some pictures of the backstage of Expometrique 1999 edition

All pictures © 1999 by Frédéric Delaitre, except otherwise noted. To enlarge pictures, click with the right button of the mouse and select [View image] option (Netscape users only).

Shuttle bus
This year, the traditional old TN4 heritage bus from the RATP was not there, due to staff problems. Our Paris Transportation Authority replaced it by this more modern Renault R312 to run the shuttle service between the Mairie des Lilas metro station on line 11 and the exhibition at the Centre Sportif Floréal.

Accueil 2
Peak hour at the ticket stand and hard pressure on Mrs Creuzevault and Vincent Le Bihan. Entrance fee
was 15 FRF this year (free for the under 12).

Accueil 1
November is definetely not a good season for gatekeeping, done here by two chilled GEMME members :-)

Accueil 3
GEMME stand and exhibition control center at the entrance. The team here was able to answer all Expométrique and GEMME related questions : from membership to the (often asked) location of toilets :-)

Under the tent, the catering services (almost) ready to feed the hungry crowd of visitors, with hot dogs, paellas, misc. sandwiches, beer, etc. In the background, the Christian d'Oriola hall housing the micro-layout contest, LOCO-REVUE stand and miscelleaneous clubs and societies.

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Created: 99/11/08