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Expométrique '99
November 5-7th, 1999 - Les Lilas, France

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Affiche Expometrique '99
This year official poster was drawn by GEMME member Francois Fontana

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  • Some pictures of Expométrique 1999 edition
  • Links to other sites dedicated to Expométrique '99
  • Pictures of Expométrique '99 - Part II
  • GEMME / Voie Libre micro-layout contest - some pictures
  • Expométrique '99 seen from backstage.
  • Expométrique '99 in the news.

    Some pictures of Expometrique 1999 edition
    Some pictures I took during Expometrique '99. Of course, this is only a few of the layouts present at Expometrique '99 ! As usual, please forgive the poor quality of some shots.

    Billet Expometrique '99
    Click on ticket to enter Expometrique '99 photo section

    This was my ticket. You will note that GEMME membership allows free entrance to Expometrique :-)

    Links to other sites dedicated to Expométrique '99
    Two highly recommended sites with beautiful pictures of Expométrique '99 (in french):, professionnal quality !

    If you have created a site dedicated to Expométrique or came across one not indicated in this page, please let me know to add the URL to this section.

    Expométrique '99 in the News
    The press coverage of Expométrique '99.

  • LOCO-REVUE n°631 / December 1999 - Special report: "Expométrique : la fete continue, qualité et créativité" (11 pages)
  • VOIE LIBRE n°10 - January 2000. "Expometrique : the kingdom of secondary lines".
  • RMF / December 1999 and January 2000 - Report on Expométrique '99.

    "Le Figaro" press announcements:

    Unfortunately, neither Expométrique nor GEMME was mentioned in the above announcements :-(.

    Press clips supplied by Mr. André Delaitre

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