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Affiche Expometrique '99

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Some pictures of Expometrique 1999 edition

All pictures © 1999 by Frédéric Delaitre, except otherwise noted. To enlarge pictures, click with the right button of the mouse and select [View image] option (Netscape users only).

Entrance to the Exhibition
At 10.00 on Saturday morning, there was already a 150+ queue waiting to enter the exhibition.

FREMO Module
FREMO Oe scale modules.

FREMO Module
Oe16,5 Layout from the "Escadrille Saint-Michel".

Escadrille Saint-Michel
Another part of the Oe16,5 Layout from the "Escadrille Saint-Michel".

Belgium tram
Belgian tram heydays atmosphere on Don Sibley's layout.

Talyllyn Oe16,5
Oe16,5 Quarry Siding by Bruno & Alain Duchesne.

Talyllyn Oe16,5
Detail of the working loading shovel.

GEMME Om layout.

GEMME Om layout - The Hotel des Voyageurs in Dunieres.

Oe9 demonstration layout of Black Dog Mining Company products.

5e genie
5e genie (pioneering corps) stand at Expometrique. Note the "Diplodocus" bridge layer crane in the foreground.

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